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About Softfix Online

We are a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company that delivers cutting-edge solutions for global organizations and technology startups. Since 2019 we have been helping companies and established brands re-imagine their business through digitization. Softfix Online has grown into an international contestant in software engineering with wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for reliable software development.

Slogan: The art of software development.


Softfix Online has the domain expertise, tools, and technologies to create software development professional services of all kinds. By erasing the operating inefficiencies that slow growth, we help our clients to create and capture value and improve business results.

From IT strategy consulting and comprehensive technology roadmaps to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions, Softfix Online delivers a full-cycle software development services that adapt seamlessly to your project requirements and business needs.

Our QA testers join project activities at early stages of product development. This allows us to ensure that nothing in your software is overlooked, and that your product quality complies with the acceptance criteria that were agreed on.

To ensure fast delivery of your software without losing in quality, we employ a selected approach to automated QA. We use automated Unit testing on every project, while automated Acceptance and other types of testing rely on your enterprise software architecture, tech stack, project scale, and other factors. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers work side by side to allow for seamless and continuous agile delivery.

A H M Ashraful Alam

Founder and CEO of Softfix Online.

M.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Wales

Our Clients

For over 2-3 years, Softfix Online has been helping Fortune 5 foreign companies and established brands build solid software foundations for their businesses.
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We offer comprehensive tech expertise and enterprise IT support. Our software development services include strategy consulting, CX design, engineering, and lifecycle management of custom products, as well as system integration.

Awards & Recognition

At Softfix we help business build an intelligently designed digital future. Tell us about your idea, and we’ll offer the most fitting technological solution.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the process from ideation and concept to delivery, and provides ongoing support through its IS360 framework.

Technology excellence


• Public and private blockchains
• Distributed transaction platforms
• Smart contracts
• Cryptocurrencies, wallets, and exchanges
• Blockchains and cryptocurrencies forks


• Mixed reality applications
• Industrial AR/VR solutions
• 3D modelling and prototyping
• Installations and trainings


• UI / Front-end design
• CX and digital journeys
• Low-code mobile platforms
• App management and analytics


• Cloud based AI models
• Machine learning algorithms
• Data management and analysis
• Visual information processing


• Interconnected smart devices
• Distributed sensor data applications
• Embedded platforms
• Remote monitoring and management