Customer Experience (UX / UI)

Softfix Online Customer Experience Lab


Transfer your CX to a comprehensive mobile app that converges all your services/operations in one comfortable digital environment.

End-to-end CX Design

Create a tech-driven, industry-specific CX experience that looks, feels, and works across all platforms and business locations.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Use augmented and virtual reality to create engrossing entertainment experiences and simplify key operations across industries.

CX Core

We combine a set of technologies and design practices to help you build (or complement) a consistent and engaging CX or UI & UX design for a digital product.

Digital Experience Platforms

Build a single customer/digital journey management centre that connects and covers the needs of all departments.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Gather data at every customer touchpoint to learn more about your users. Use AI algorithms to analyse the data, and streamline each touchpoint.

Connected Devices & Internet of Things

Create a device fleet for a store or business location. Establish custom IoT ecosystem with sensors, mobile, and other connected devices.


Our Expertise

  • Full-cycle CX and digital journey development
  • UI & UX material design systems
  • Industry-specific AR & VR solutions
  • UI & UX design of digital products and interfaces
  • Full-cycle iOS and Android development
  • ERP & workflow management solutions
  • Machine learning algorithms development, chatbots
  • Enterprise cloud solutions
  • Embedded software development/IoT solutions

Our Design Process


  • Interview with stakeholders to define goals
  • Understand needs of target user
  • Research market and competitors
  • Analyze customer analytics


key personas profiles, customer journey map, competitors overview.

Define & Ideate

  • Identify key use cases
  • Define feature set
  • Do story mapping
  • Prioritize based on resources and product goals


user scenarios, list of use cases and user stories, prioritized feature set.

Prototype/CX concept

  • Define information architecture
  • Create wireframes
  • Define visual direction and create visual design mockup


low-fidelity prototype, high-fidelity visual mockups


  • Test the prototype and key flows
  • Iterate based on feedback


design validated with users and stakeholders.

Key Deliverables

^ User Personae

^ Customer Journey Map

^ User Scenarios & Stories

^ Information Architecture

^ Wireframes & User Flows

^ Mockups


Our Design Principles