Custom-made dental practice management software designed to modernize and revolutionize digital dentistry. Get powerful management, automation, and communication tools backed with the latest technology.


Planning, real-time collaboration, and customer service just got faster, much more convenient, and cost-effective with dental IT solutions by Softfix Online.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Dental Clinic Software
  • Teledentistry Services
  • Dental Practice Management
  • Dental Office Management
  • End-to-End Data Security

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Plan, manage and monitor all the core supply chain, equipment utilization rate, predictive maintenance, customer bookings, dental treatment, and unique services across multiple websites or clinics. Manage every corner of your customer service, from check-in and check-out to payment, financial management, and reporting.

  • Centralized database to manage treatment, services, payments, and supply chain
  • Unified user experience across different modules and locations of your business
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure backed with the latest dental software technologies
  • Simple compliance and status monitoring, predictive maintenance and analytics
  • Zero paperwork with a 360-degree view into spend, operations, and processes

Dental Clinic Software

Cloud-based dental clinic software designed exclusively for clinics, dentists, managers, executives, and business owners. Monitor clinic performance online, track performance with individually tailored analytics via easy-to-read graphs and list reports for each location, branch, specialist, and patient’s visit.

  • Customizable user roles and access permissions, such as administrators, specialists, etc.
  • Detailed practice database with contact details and online booking via smart calendar
  • Price lists, customer information, dental procedures, and codes with real-time data sync
  • Full medical history, case logs, 3-D files, a rich library of templates, and much more

Teledentistry Services

Telehealth technologies have become a central part of oral healthcare delivery. So right now teledentistry reshapes the way of providing accessible treatment of every modern digital dentistry – offering cheaper prevention practices, easily bringing new clients and converting potential cases into happy loyal clients, and putting their well-being first.

  • Improve effectiveness for specialists (orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, preventive dentistry)
  • Quickly fill gaps in the schedule, make dental practice more efficient, stay closer to your patients
  • Offer professional assistance, flexible terms, and wide-ranging treatment options at the right time
  • Allow remote monitoring, send targeted alerts (treatment/disease status), encourage healthy behavior

Dental Practice Management

Automate dental treatments using a full suite of automation tools tailored exclusively to your everyday activities and a unique setup of the business. Help specialists close treatments based on multiple plans, clinical guidelines, dental formulas, patient diaries, and treatment notes.

  • Complete medical history, treatment notes, and dental diary to fit the needs of your patients
  • 3D modeling files, X-Rays, medical history, and diagnosis marks in dental cards
  • Customizable templates for exams associated with appointments, complaints, recommendations
  • Dynamic observations, periodontal charts, vast customizations, and multiple treatment plan options

Dental Office Management

Streamline the lion’s share of office tasks, manage calendars, and schedule appointments on the go. Configure multiple business locations and dental offices. Keep your digital dental practice always on track, either entirely, separately by a specific dental clinic or specialist.

  • Simple management of customer balances, unpaid bills, payments, invoices, and discounts
  • Short-cut access to documents, forms editor, templates, 3D file data sharing
  • Mobile-friendly smart calendar to follow-up faster, collaborate better, and keep patients satisfied
  • Custom fields to add notes and any customer information for even more detailed records

End-to-End Data Security

Provide patients with top-level personal data security, protect electronic health records and other sensitive business data. We take security seriously, that’s why dental IT solutions and all other custom software products and services by Softfix Online are designed to eliminate the possibility where any business files or personal account data falls into the wrong hands.

  • Development of 100% safe and secure software considering data security at every stage of the lifecycle
  • Application of the latest technologies that mitigate and protect against vulnerabilities
  • We protect our clients and their business reputation using advanced data encryption
  • We constantly test our software and applications for security to close gaps proactively