Custom Insurance Software Development Services

Softfix Online is a paramount global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry. We help the world’s insurance organizations to boost their efficiency, profitability, and safety through innovative digital transformation technologies.


Enhance your insurance software solutions and rely on our continuous digital innovation services to create greater organizational efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide a better end-user experience through time.

Custom Application Development

Our custom fintech solutions are built to offer a superior user experience while keeping your customer’s data secure.

Quoting and Analysis Algorithms

Softfix Online insurance software development services offer the best-in-class quoting solutions to exceed end-users’ and partners’ needs and deliver high-quality results.

Claims and Policy Management Software

With automated workflows, our insurance industry experts allow agents to manage the claims process efficiently, quickly, and with the highest possible security level.

Custom Portals and Website Development

We offer customer-centered innovative insurance software development for modern insurers to build a value chain for their partners, customers, and vendors.

Mobile Applications and Chatbots

Our insurance software development services include mobile apps and chatbots to provide innovation and real added value for your business.

Data Science and Analytics

The promise of Big Data and analytics in the insurance industry brings hope for quick adaptation to modern information super-abundance.

CRM/ERP/HR Platforms

Take full advantage of Softfix Online’s custom insurance software development capabilities to reach out to your clients across multiple channels and build strong relationships.

Financial Software

Get accurate records and seamless integration to automate many of the unique aspects of your insurance processes.


Scale your delivery capacity with intelligent cooperation models.


Leading insurance carriers benefit from our professional services and methodologies that accelerate growth and impact the bottom line.

Legacy System Transformation

Modernize existing systems to meet rising customer demands for convenience and experience. Digitization enables insurers to manage Big Data and enhance claims handling mechanisms with the help of new data management infrastructure and machines.

Customer Experience

Transforming the Customer Experience is a new and powerful shift for the Insurance domain that can bring about quantum change. Implementation of customer experience requires transforming traditional strategies, workflows, processes, and technologies.

Internet of Things

The insurance business is predicated on data, and IoT provides volumes of data. IoT technology changes the way insurers assess, price, and limit risks, with a wide range of potential advantages and best insurance software solutions for the company.

Big Data

Our experts can bring you efficient insurance software solutions using a variety of Big Data development tools to help your organization achieve even the most ambitious goals.


More than 80% of insurance companies claimed they adopted or were planning to adopt blockchain technology. The need for innovation in insurance is critical — customers are craving transparency, speed, and cost flexibility.

Artificial Intelligence

Our deep domain expertise enables insurers to become AI-driven and powered by automated machine learning. Artificial Intelligence in Insurance is already being used in many ways, from intelligent Chatbots that offer fast customer service round the clock to the array of machine learning technologies that improve insurance industry software solutions.


We provide full-cycle IT support, operational transformation, and high impact insurance software solutions that help insurance companies deliver personalized, efficient, and informed care.